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Information for Employers


Who are we ?

JSSINA specialize in recruiting temporary and permanent staff for hotel and catering industry, agriculture and horticulture,production and construction, maintenance and engineering, drivers and mechanics from Eastern Europe. We provide wide range of the best-qualified staff in every sphere of modern business starting from labours to skilled workers since 2000. Our business is a success today because we offer the highest levels of service to UK and otehr EU companies looking for the best staff and candidates alike. We are member of SEDEX & Association of Labour Providers (ALP) in UK.


We pride ourselves on making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate clients, and go to great lengths to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other. We do so by taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our clients, and then using proprietary recruitment techniques to pinpoint the most suitable job candidates. We work with many customers in different areas and it usually takes us 3-5 working days to bring you staff in or organise a transfer for the workers due to a shortage of work. We always visit you and workers to increase their productivity and help to settle down. You can always get references about our recruitment from the companies you know.

What is our recruitment process ?

We put advertisement with job offer in newspapers, Internet and searching the suitable candidates for you in different countries. We always collect CV and check criminal records. We organise job fairs in different cities and countries overseas. We invite companies and job seekers to meet each other before taking the final decision. It is helpful for everyone because of the opportunity to interview the candidates face to face and pick up the most suitable workers.

Do we keep GLA?

We keep GLAA licence JSSI0003 in UK,  JSSI0002 in Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and Bulgaria and YOUT0002 to recruit staff from Romania. We always comply with GLAA standards. If you order workers from us, you will also have our team coming in 7 – 10 days after their arrival.

 How long can staff stay with us?

We recruit self-motivated people over 18 years old who are prepared to work hard physically. Our workers may stay abroad for up to 6-12 months or longer but we also may bring you staff for several weeks only.  We do not recruit those who are looking for holidays rather than to work. 

 We always are happy to privde you our references  from other companies in UK & Ireland.

If you require a good member of your company team please write e-mail or contact us over the phone.

UK Tel. 0203 28 777 14  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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