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JSSINA GROUP consist on 3 companies 








GLAA Unique Reference numbers for companies above: JSSI0003, JSSI0002, YOUT0002

SEDEX: ZC1043996



JSSINA (UK and Ireland)


JSSINA (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia and Lithuania)





supply experienced nursery staff, soft fruit and vegetable pickers and packers to UK and Irish growers.  We also supply experienced QC staff to pack houses including supervisors, lorry and tractor drivers.


Our Overseas Recruitment Offices Are Based 


YSIIEA RomaniaCraiova 

JSSINA Bulgaria: Varna & Sofia

JSSINA Latvia: Daugavpils

JSSINA Lithuania: Vilnius / headquarters/



To make this recruitment group what it is nowadays we have put our knowledge gained during farm work in UK and experience in recruitment together. We have been working at soft fruit and vegetable farms during many seasons starting from 1996.


We started recruitment for SAWS operators in 2000 and  have been helping 2 SAWS operators to recruit staff for UK and Irish growers during 12 years until we started to expand and work with farms & companies directly.


Our business is a success today because we offer the highest levels of service to UK companies who are looking for the best staff and candidates alike. We are uncompromising in our determination to strive for lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.


We pride ourselves on making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate clients and go to great lengths to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other. We do so by taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our clients, and then using proprietary recruitment techniques to pinpoint the most suitable job candidates.


Our Team


We respect the employers requirements and think that the best quality product might be produced only if the company has got right team with the common target only. All our staff have had agricultural jobs and experience of living in UK. This helps us to provide realistic information to potential employees. We recruit self-motivated people who are prepared to work hard physically. They are genuine farm workers who are looking for 3-12 months job or students who wish to work during summer time. We ARE NOT RECRUITING those looking to have holidays rather than to work. We also supply staff to apple farms who need workers for 4-8 weeks only. 



Recruitment Process


We are searching for applicants in several ways: 
Putting advertisements with job offers in the company’s official website /FB. Advertising positions in special websites / newspapers / CV generators. Many workers stay with us for many years and bring friends next year. 


Organising presentations where employers & candidates meet each other face to face  in Craiova, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA); Sofia ,Plovdiv, Varna and Ruse (BULGARIA).We often invite our partner farms to participate in such meetings because of the opportunity to interview many candidates and pick the most suitable workers.



The applicants’ recruitment steps:

Collecting CV’s of applicants with Education 
Evidence, Criminal Record and Reference from previous growers (if applicable);

We provide each applicant with information about the job position, length of the contract, accommodation, things required to bring (job clothes, footwear etc.);

Interview with the applicant during JSSINA presentation which is organised in conference hall (office) to check whether the applicant is suitable for the job position or not;

If required, sending CV to the farm for confirmation/rejection of the applicant;

If required, organizing conversation between farm and applicant via Skype or phone;

After confirmation of applicants’ acceptance, organising their arrival at the farm in groups.


Support for the Applicants & Farmers:


We are the first point of contact during application process and alternative point of contact during the work at the farm in UK;

We care about the quality of people we supply. We visit the farms and also bring our staff to stay with workers while they are trained to give them an advise for better productivity in the beginning of the season if you order many people.

It takes us 3-7 days to bring extra staff or organise a replacement.

We always move people from one farm to another in case of bad crop or other circumstances.




Our work is fully licensed under GLAA, 

Unique reference number 

For UK - JSSI0003

For Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia and headquarter office in Lithuania - JSSI0002.

For Romanian agency - YOUT0002






Our Main Goal in 2020


To help new companies who are luck of people due to COVID-19.


How to apply?

Регистрирайте се на нашия сайт или се логнете за управление на автобиографии, които обхващат писма и молби за работа. Това е лесно, като: едно, две, три.

Have questions?

Ако имате някакви въпроси, моля, прочетете нашите често задавани въпроси или заповядайте в някой от нашите офиси

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We are 20 years in recruitment business and have got experienced people available. We have got QC, Supervisors, Lorry and Tractor Drivers available beside general workers. We will be able to supply you enough staff in August - September when there is a shortage of workers. The more time we have got to find workers, the better quailty we can organise. We both know that good staff always plan their life, incomes and holidays of course.

Are you looking for any experineced mushroom pickers who can come and start making the norms from first week?
We will help you. We spoke to them recently. They picked mushrooms in Ireland last year.

Do you need a good team who can cut lettuce or other vegetables from early May?
We know where they worked in 2019 and when they can be with you in 2020.

Do not you have enough soft fruit pickers to start in May or June 2020?
They recently called us to discuss  where they can travel this summer to. 

Is your  factory or packhouse short of staff?
We always try to promote good workers who have been with us before and they may join your team very soon.

Мога ли да отида с частна кола ?
 Ако искате да отидете в Обединеното кралство с вашият автомобил, вие трябва:
1 ) Да имате лиценз за международен шофьор ;
2 ) Ние ще се свържем с домакина за възможности да отидете с вашия собствен транспорт. Ако другата страна откаже, тогава ше пътувате до Великобритания с автобус или самолет ;
3 ) Ако вашият работодател е съгласен да дойдете с колата си , Вие трябва да получите правни документи, за да го управлявате в Обединеното кралство, включително автомобилна застраховка.
Ce vaccinuri sunt necesare?

Dacă conduceți sau lucrați cu alimente, este recomandabil să fiți vaccinați împotriva tetanosului în timp ce sunteți încă acasă. De asemenea, puteți solicita vaccinarea împotriva hepatitei B și a tuberculozei.

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